Join Us in Celebrating Over 20 Years of Restoring the Hearts of God's People and His Church Both Here at Home and Around the World!

Welcome! We strongly believe that unresolved loss is a highly destructive force that continues to hold the body of Christ in bondage. Unresolved loss negatively impacts our ability to communicate as it makes it difficult for us to be trusting, loving, open and honest with others and with ourselves.

To that end, we are committed to empowering pastors, leadership, lay people, and professionals with the education and support that will change the body of Christ into a powerhouse of God's creation.


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There are over 40 potential loss issues.
Loss and grieving is about so much more
than death and divorce.

It's about the loss of our
              AND HOPES,
which transcend
every facet of our lives!

Myths About Grief:

  • Time Heals all Wounds
  • Replace the Loss
  • Grieve Alone
  • Be Strong for Others
  • Bury your Feelings
  • Keep Busy
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